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We take time to position our clients in the market so they can attract the right talent to their organization. We help you build your database of talent.


Focusing on long term goals; we meet with our clients & all potential new employees to focus on finding the right hire.


New hire on-boarding process is as critical to the hiring process as hiring the right person. Retention is part of the process to ensure our client's long-term success.

SRS is an outsourced recruiter and HR department for your small to midsize business. We act as a part of your team to uncover your needs from a professional point of view. We take the process of hiring off your shoulders and find the candidates with the best attitude, skill set, and cultural fit. We specialize in talent search and retainment without the placement fees.


SRS does more than place people by ensuring a long-term professional fit for all parties. We specialize in partnerships with privately held businesses that can benefit from the resources we offer. SRS knows where people fit and why. We are your combined solution for finding, hiring, and retaining the right candidate to help them succeed. Therein lies our passion and joy.

Lesley Delgado - Owner, Strategic Recruiting Services


Strategic Recruiting Services and Lesley were great to work with! They took the time to understand our needs, reviewed numerous candidates before making recommendations, and the candidates they ultimately presented were all qualified and competent. They saved us tremendous time, and streamlined what would have otherwise been a long and difficult hiring process. We would use them again without hesitation and would recommend their services to any of our business partners.

Eric Griswold

CFO, State Building Products

One phone call to Lesley with Strategic Recruiting Services was all it took.

SRS quickly engaged as our outsourced recruiting service helping us find the skillset, attitude, and cultural fit we wanted to bring on our team. Lesley and her team spent nearly two years building our human resources department and eventually replaced themselves with an internal hire.

Sonitrol Great Lakes appreciates and values our relationship. Thank you,

Mike Wanstreet

President, Sonitrol Great Lakes

I had the pleasure of meeting Lesley during a virtual networking group - There was something about her positive energy and thoughtful contribution to the conversation that I knew she would be someone that I would enjoy working with.

When we were looking to fill a pivotal position within our organization - Lesley came to mind immediately. This was our first experience with a recruiting service and by the amazing experience, we had with Lesley and her Strategic Recruiting Services team we have added this firm to our circle of trusted business partners. Leslie walked us through every step.

She provided us with valuable market information, the specifics we needed to consider when hiring in the midst of a pandemic. We received candid feedback from her and her guidance throughout the selection process was invaluable. Lesley and her team were in regular communication with us on the search, screening, and interview process.

When an applicant was presented to us all the work done beforehand was laid out and presented in such a wonderful way. The candidates we were given to consider were individuals worthy of our time and consideration.

My one and only wish is that I would have partnered with Lesley sooner. Never again will I take on the search and evaluation process for future openings. This process was effortless, it was reassuring and extremely rewarding all due to Lesley's leadership and communication skills.

Bridget Mahrle

President, United Mobile Power Washing

Lesley and her team at Strategic Recruiting have been a pleasure to work with for the past two years. They have helped us with recruiting, strategy, and human resources consulting.

She is an excellent coach and mentor. Lesley is the whole package! She is a seasoned strategic partner now and always. I'm blessed to have been introduced to her and will continue to reach out to her in future endeavors.

Jon Dornbos

Director, Brandmotion


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