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Strategic Recruiting Services is an outsourced recruiting company serving the hiring needs of small and midsized privately held business. We act as HR Consultants and recruiters on behalf of the businesses we serve. When you are working with us it is as if you are dealing directly with the customers we serve.

SRS works with a multitude of industries that include manufacturing, technology, advertising, construction, transportation, investing, and more. We also have a niche market working for international businesses with offices in the U.S

"Strategic Recruiting Services (SRS) found my resume online while helping a large, local non-profit organization fill a C-level support role.  Those I spoke or met with about this role balanced knowledge and professionalism with a personable friendliness that made my conversations and interviews with them thoroughly enjoyable.  The one thing I felt, however, that impressed me the most was the call I received from SRS after my first interview with the hiring company.  Lesley was asking how I felt my interview went, what I liked or disliked about the position/meeting, and wanted to gauge my interest in pursuing the position further.  She explained that she would be speaking to the person I interviewed with later in the morning and wanted to represent me appropriately.

What stood out to me about this conversation was that although SRS was retained by and accountable to a hiring company, I was made to feel like their efforts on my behalf, as a job seeker, was just as important.  Their goal was not simply to fill a role for their client, but to find the perfect match by representing both the client and the job-seeker.

This type of employer/employee "match-making" service is invaluable to any hiring company or job-seeker looking to find that perfect fit... and I highly recommend their services."

Debbie Sanders
Candidate Testimonial

I’m so grateful to have connected with you. You helped me find a home in my career and I enjoy everyday here at Gedia!

Andrew Brockie
Candidate Testimonial