When the Growing gets Tough

company growth

Periods of growth are often thought of as a positive change for a company. However, growth can cause some internal issues within a small company. Adding one person to a group of 500 may not make as much of a difference as adding one to a 20-person company. Here’s how to make sure growth periods…

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Get Onboard with Onboarding

A Few months ago, SRS had the pleasure of attending the Michigan Trade Summit. As a bright-eyed intern, I had never been to such an event. This event started with a panel that included three SRS members. The panel was asked to answer questions about recruiting and retaining employees. One point Anathea Collar, SRS’s HR…

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Policy is Policy

  Have you ever had a job with vague policies that leave you with more questions than they answer? I’m sure we have all been there at some point. Who do these policies hurt? The people who are enforcing them. If they are unclear, the employees have multiple ways of interpreting the policies. This can could…

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