Being Inclusive as a Small Business

To show different people from different backgrounds all getting a seat at the table

Diversity is a hot topic these days in business. But it’s not enough to be diverse, we must be inclusive. Everyone needs a seat at the table, and it starts with small business. Understanding Privilege Not everyone has the same starting line in life. Whether it’s being of the color of their skin, gender, orientation,…

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How to Deal with Mistakes in the Office

There are two sides to every job. The good and the bad. It feels good when you are promoting, awarding, or congratulating employees for a job well done. Unfortunately, there will be a time when you have to have “the talk” with one. It’s important to know how to handle mistakes that employees make. It’s…

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What is so hard about Communication?

You’ve Heard it before: Communication is key. Communication is like the oil in a machine. Without it, the machine will never work, and if it gets mucked up the machine won’t work as well as you want. But why is something that we do every day sometimes so difficult? Well, here are some reasons why…

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