How has company culture changed?

Just like everything else, company culture changes over time. Here are three ways you might not realize that it has changed.

  1. Communication

    Over the years the lines of communication have been blurred due to social media. It is very easy for anyone to spill the beans online. But has that damaged communication between boss and employee? Instead of promoting an open line of the communication, it may close it off. Employees aren’t going to their managers to discuss issues. They may be taking to social media to solve their problems instead. On the other hand, anonymous feedback sites such as Sarahah, can be used to send advice and concerns to employers without fear of being reprimanded. According to Ammar Kanchwala, a digital marketing consultant, social media has opened up communication in the workplace. This offers a more open community feel. Some of the pros Kanchwala included are an increase in participation, openness, and connectedness.

  1. Learning

The internet has made training more accessible than it used to be. Training can take the form of webinars, online PDF’s, or tests. It seems like learning has become increasingly important in companies. It is no longer commonplace to be trained in one position on the first day. There is more room for movement and more opportunities to cross-train employees. Company culture has moved from hiring stagnant employees to hiring employees with the ability to learn multiple positions. According to Inc., “commitment to learning” is one of the top ten components of a successful company culture. Employers are now more invested in their employees’ education and training than ever. The multitude of free and low cost resources available through the internet is the reason why.

  1. Acceptance

Jobs used to be jobs. You worked a nine to five shift Monday thru Friday and that was it. Everyone wore the same suit and worked in the same cubicles every day, but that is not the case anymore. Individuality is climbing in ranks of importance. Huffpost touches on how difficult it is to stand out in a market that has grown so large. Employers are expected to bring something new to the table to help the business stand out. What better way to do that than to hire employees who are unique.

Being different opens up doors of opportunity and acceptance. An environment with many people with many ideas brings creativity and fun to the table. People are no longer working traditional hours at a traditional store in traditional attire. There is a growing need for unique people in the market that was not there fifty years ago. Individuality is necessary for success in the workplace.

Do you agree with this list? Do you have any additional ways that company culture has changed? Let us know in the comments below.