Check your Socials

Social media is a great place to connect to old friends, share pictures of your life, and keep involved in your community. However, as a business owner, we’re sure you’ve used social media to vet potential employees. But did you know that social media can be used against you as well?

Past employees

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All you have to do is type in your company’s name in any search bar. It will bring up posts that have your company’s name in it. That means if an employee left on bad terms, was fired, had anything to say about management, it will show up. Candidates research you just as much as you research them. Not every employee will be happy, but what you can do is find the consistencies in your employee reviews. If you continuously receive the same feedback about a micromanaging manager, that gives you an opportunity to change what people are complaining about.


LinkedIn has a nifty feature where you can see a company’s competitors. So does Google, and Facebook. Your potential employees can see how your company is doing compared to others, see the pay differences, use Glassdoor to see which has a better employee rating. So keep an eye on your social media representation and follow your competitors on their social media sites too. This can either give you a competitive edge or bring about a lucrative partnership.

The boss

Unless you have managed to dodge the social media bug, you probably have an account somewhere that your candidates can search. Finding out who you are can help an employee decide what kind of manager or boss you might be. They can also see how you emulate—or don’t—the mission statement of the company on your free time. And if you’ve ever said something unprofessional about the job or post when you’re on the job, they will notice.

Your company

If you are presenting your company in one light on social media, a different one in the interview, and a totally different one on the first day, anyone who researches your company online will be able to sense the disconnect. If there is disconnect, think about rebranding. Ask your potential candidates how the website and social media pages made them feel about the company and if they feel the same way when they walk through the doors.


Social media is a powerful tool for employees and employers alike, but with great power comes great responsibility. If you haven’t yet, think about hiring someone to focus on your social media presence and how to improve your image and brand. Contact us if you have any questions about the hiring process!