How to get High Quality Candidates to Apply for your Job

Thousands of jobs are being added everyday in Michigan. With more people looking for work than ever, it seems like everything would work itself out. However, that’s not the case. Candidates seem to be very hesitant to apply these days.

For good reason. Since the 2008 recession, candidates have had to take pay cuts and jobs they are overqualified for. Over the past year some people are experiencing having a liveable wage on unemployment. Minimum wage and maximum hours with no benefits will not cut it anymore for people looking to re-enter the workforce.

So how do you get those people to even look at your post?

  1. Build company rapport: Have uniform branding that candidates can recognize. Have your mission statements accessible. Check your Glassdoor and Indeed ratings.
  2. Be realistic: Entry level positions should have entry level requirements. Have competitive wages and benefits.
  3. Flexibility: Safety is still a concern for people. Offer flex hours or virtual work options.
  4. Job title: The job title has to match the job itself. It needs to accurately represent what that role is in charge of. Otherwise, you will not attract your target candidate.
  5. Source: If candidates aren’t coming to you, go to them. Send invites to apply, connect on LinkedIn, send an email blast.
  6. Streamline the process: If you have an option for a candidate to upload their resume, don’t then force the candidate to type it all out.
  7. Include contact information: Candidates might not pick up a call from an unknown number or might skip an email that looks questionable. Include the method of contact in the post, so a candidate can be on the lookout.

Taking the time up front to curate a job post is the easiest way to get the candidates you want. Be clear, concise, and realistic.

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