When the Growing gets Tough

company growth

Periods of growth are often thought of as a positive change for a company. However, growth can cause some internal issues within a small company. Adding one person to a group of 500 may not make as much of a difference as adding one to a 20-person company. Here’s how to make sure growth periods…

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The Parts of Hiring you Didn’t Know

If your company is growing, you’ll need to do some hiring. If you do some hiring, you’re probably going to have to deal with some aspects you haven’t thought about. If you have to face some hiring unpleasantries, you’re probably going to want to hire a recruiter. Hiring is more than posting out on Indeed…

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Are You a Leader or Not?

Personality is different depending on who you are talking to. Your mom might call you driven, polite, and chivalrous. Your employees might feel a different way. What’s important is that your personality is a leader personality. As an employer, wouldn’t you want to be the best leader for your company? Good leaders attract good employees.…

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