The Parts of Hiring you Didn’t Know

If your company is growing, you’ll need to do some hiring. If you do some hiring, you’re probably going to have to deal with some aspects you haven’t thought about. If you have to face some hiring unpleasantries, you’re probably going to want to hire a recruiter.

Hiring is more than posting out on Indeed and hiring the first person who looks good on paper. There are a couple steps that make hiring a more complicated process than you might think.

Creating a job posting

A job post is more than this is what you’ll be doing. It’s about finding an accurate title for the position, a competitive salary, fair benefits package, and it all has to be done with your brand in mind. Writing an accurate job description is not a quick or simple task because there are layers of thought that need to go into drafting before you post one up.

Paper hires

Making a paper hire is much different from making an in person hire. Time needs to be dedicated to weeding through resumes, reaching out to community job resources, and referrals. A person’s resume is NOT and should NOT be the driving force of a hire. Do in person interviews, ask behavioral and technical questions, give tours of the facility, run background and personality tests, check references. Hire for cultural fit and attitude and you can train skills.

Overqualified candidates

Inevitably you will get applicants who are overqualified for your position, which may be tempting. In a perfect world we would never have to train anyone. However, moving someone whose skills and experience are over your pay range is setting you and that candidate up for another round of hiring. It’s important to know when to let those people off the hook so they can find a position that suits their needs and not keep them on because you don’t want to train someone.

Letting people go

In a world where ghosting has become a verb, it’s important to do your due diligence in not contributing to the number of employers who ghost. It will never be easy to let a candidate go, but it must be done. Not only to allow the candidate to continue their search, but to also brand your company positively. Candidates who are strung on for months are more likely to report a negative experience with your brand than candidates who were let off the hook.


Hiring is not a plug and chug sort of process. It needs to be taken on by a person who can dedicate their time and effort to the process fully. There are tiny moving parts and subtle nuances to hiring.

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