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Are job fairs worth your time?

If you have ever thought about hiring, you’ve probably seen ads for job fairs. It’s important for your small business that you get your name out in the community. Job fairs can help you find your next employees, but is it really lucrative to send out a team to hire for your entry level positions?…

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How to use interviews to brand

Have you ever asked why your employees like your brand? Is it your mission statement, your procedures, your company morals, or is because you were hiring? Who’s going to be honest with you? Employees can be an important part of your brand. Newsflash: When you own a company, you cannot be around for every decision,…

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Implement an Internship

As some of you may know, I started off my job as a marketing coordinator as an intern. I’m here to explain how to successfully start up an internship program at your company. You can read here to find out why you should even bother taking on some interns. Step 1: Research You need to…

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