What Makes Hiring Hard?

On the outside hiring can look simple. You post a job online, you wait for people to apply, you set up and interview, and you hire the best candidate. We are here to tell you about what makes hiring a little less cut and dry.

Job Posting

This is one of the most critical steps in hiring because it lets candidates know what job they are applying for. However, it can be hard to organize. For example, before you write up a job description, you need to know what the job is. If you need an administrative assistant, the requirements, qualifications, job duties, and benefits must line up with the job title. Otherwise, it can cause confusion for the applicants. Confusion can mean that the type of applicant you are looking for may overlook your position.

To make your job posting clear, make sure it is for one position and it isn’t a Frankenstein description for two separate jobs you want one person to perform. It’s also important to add benefits that are in line with industry standard to make sure that you are attracting the level of candidate you are looking for.

Another thing to think about are the job boards you are using. It’s important to get the big ones like ZipRecruiter and Indeed. You can also utilize email lists, professional groups, college boards, and social medias to reach potential candidates. The posting process might also include a little bit of sourcing. The talent pool shrinks every day, and playing the waiting game may end up costing valuable time and money.


It’s important to ask the right questions during an interview to get to know someone. Before you can ask the questions, the candidate has to show up. It’s a job seeker’s world right now, so in order for you to get a candidate in front of you, it might take some flexibility and some understanding. If the candidate is currently working a Skype or phone interview might be required.

A part of hiring is getting to know a candidate off of the paper. It’s important to ask for clarification on resumes however, they are more than paper. You should ask what motivates them, what they need from an employer, and what are they looking for. This can help you see if they will fit within your company, their values match up with yours, and if they have the right energy to do the job.


After understand your candidates and what you are looking for, you can put in an offer. What’s tricky about hiring is the stuff that comes during the onboarding process. This process should take about three months to complete. This includes introducing the employee, training them, hosting onboarding interviews, and acclimating them to the space.

It takes a long time from start to finish, but an employee will already be planning how and when they will leave if they are not properly onboarded. That also means handbooks and rules are up to date with regulations.


The entirety of the hiring process is long and takes a dedicated team of people to work through the process.

If you have any questions about the recruiting process email your questions to: info@strategicrecruiting.net