Technology will never go away

Whether you like it or not technology is here to stay, and it is only becoming more intrusive. When was the last time you did paperwork on paper instead of the computer? It’s great for the trees, but not so great for the eyes. But hey, technology isn’t all bad, right? Here are some pros and cons of having technology in the workplace.

Pros of Technology:

-Efficiency: Obviously, technology makes things faster. Email, webinars, Skype conferences, and cat pictures on demand. It takes travel and time out of the picture.

-Eco-friendly: Even if you’re not a tree hugger, saving paper is a great thing for everyone because we all need oxygen and we won’t have it without trees. So, yay for technology!

-Communication: Technology allows for faster communication. You don’t need to set up a meeting or be on hold anymore, email does just fine for most of your daily needs. It also brings companies closer to their customers. Social media is great for feedback and criticism.



-Distraction: Before technology, you couldn’t just whip out a card game and play solitaire at your cubicle, but now you can just open an app on the computer.

-Hard on the Eyes: Sometimes slouching at a computer all day can mess with your eyes and neck. I mean, after a long day at the computer, my neck hurts and reading PDFs on a screen doesn’t heal headaches.

-Communication: This one is a double-edged sword. It may seem easier to email, but what happens if someone reads an email and takes it the wrong way? Then we have a mess don’t we? It’s harder to communicate through a screen because you can’t sense tone or see body language.

Even though technology has its drawbacks, it is only getting more invasive. Technology has been around since the beginning, but it started out as rubbing two sticks together to make fire. Now we have computers that are smarter than the people who created them. Technology is a crazy thing, but we have to embrace it.


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