Let’s Talk: Personality

Personalities can make or break a work room. Now, if you’re a CEO or President, you might not even be present in the workroom on a daily basis. That doesn’t mean that it’s not important to test your employees.

Results for personality testing can change from year to year, so why even bother spending time and resources on testing potential employees?


  1. Best Fit: How can you find the best fit if you don’t know the personalities you are already working with. It goes into a good working environment. If your employees work well together and feel comfortable around each other, then productivity goes up.
  2. Get to Know who you’re Working with: Personality testing can help you get to know the people in your office. Sometimes, people misrepresent themselves in interviews (not always on purpose), so this can help cut through some of the jitters.
  3. Broaden your Horizons: Knowing who you’re working with can help you understand how to effectively work with other personalities.
  4. Understand your Positions: By personality testing and hiring, you will be able to see what types of people work in certain positions the best, so you’ll know who to look for in the future.

Now, personality testing is not always the be-all-end-all for hiring, but it can really help add some clarity in the workplace and help put people in the positions that they are most comfortable in. Most introverts do not want to be put into a sales position as much as you don’t want to put most introverts into a sales position (I can vouch for this as an introvert).

It is also important to test your employees regularly because, like I said THINGS CHANGE. Don’t peg your twenty-year-old employee for a Type-A when they turn forty. It may be beneficial to test every few years because people can outgrow their positions and need a new challenge. Business work best when they can adapt, and sometimes you need to switch up the roles or responsibilities. When that time comes around, you’ll know who will do the best because you will KNOW your employees and what kind of personality you need for each position.