5 Reasons Why You NEED Team Bonding

The dreaded “B” word in the office. Bonding. Why do we even need team bonding anyway? Well, I’ll tell you why.

  1. 1. You don’t know your employees from Adam

If you own a midsize to large company, it may be hard to get to know all of your employees personally. Use people you have hired directly or trust to coordinate team bonding activities. If you trust your managers, and your managers trust their employees, the fabric of trust can be built.

  1. 2. Company culture (a common thread, I know)

Humans are naturally social creatures, even introverts need some sort of social interaction. Team bonding can bring people who may not talk together and strengthen the bonds of coworkers. We spend most of our waking hours at work, might as well create some meaningful bonds while we are there. This will increase morale and happiness at work

3. Sometimes you need a new perspective

We all wear different hats depending on what we are doing, who we are talking to, and where we are. Sometimes a casual environment can help break down those proverbial walls. If you find an employee or coworker particularly difficult to work with, team bonding can help you gain a new perspective on who that person is and maybe why.

4. Sometimes we need the mental break

Team bonding allows for a mental break from the professional world for a bit. Take your staff somewhere fun like bowling, foot golf, local theater, wine tasting, hockey game, the opportunities are endless. Team bonding is an excuse to put down the daily stresses of work for a few hours without feeling guilty.

5. It can build communication skills

What better way to improve communication than by talking to people you may not have a lot in common with or don’t even know? Sometimes this can seem like a daunting task, but it will force you to learn how to communicate with different types of people.