When You Don’t Feel like Performing well at Work

We all get into ruts sometimes. Whether it be from lack of sleep, motivation, inspiration. It’s important to not ignore the signs your brain is giving to you that something is off. Here’s some stuff you can do to get back on track

For When You Don’t Care

We’ve all hit that proverbial wall. Sometimes the kids kept you up. Sometimes you get stuck in the office doing paperwork on a nice day.

Other times it’s deeper than that. Maybe you don’t respect your coworkers or you feel like no one listens to you anyway.

If you are in a temporary slump, try to figure out where the problem really lies. Do you actually not want to do work, or have you been staving off a cold for a week? After you’ve found the problem, find out what you can do. Do you have extra vacation time for a little R and R? Do you have a second in command who can help you out a little more? Can you take a long lunch (don’t forget to extend this to your employees)?

If you have been feeling like you can’t remember when you weren’t in a slump, then you have some deeper thinking to do. If it boils down to lack of motivation, trust, challenge, creativity, or even interest in your job in general, you have to think of the bigger question: WHY? After you’ve found out why, you have to find the HOW? How can you get back to the place where you were on your a-game? This might be a good time to have a good old-fashioned staff meeting. Maybe your lack of motivation has rubbed off on your employees. Get some feedback from them, and then brainstorm ideas on how to put some life back into the office.

For When You Can’t Care

Sometimes being a business owner is just too much. You might start cutting corners just to get your one-million-and-one to-do list done. You simply don’t have the time to care if things are done right. Well, have you ever thought about hiring an Executive Assistant or a VP? Someone who can help take some of the overwhelming workload off your hands. Someone who can make sure things are running smoothly when you don’t have the time?

For a larger company, you may have thousands of employees under you, you might have hundreds of branches to look after. If you just don’t have the resources to make sure all components are running smooth, you may be performing less than your employees, which could severely damage the company culture. Try to organize a schedule to check on things every once in a while, this will let your employees know that you are working even when they can’t see you.

For When You don’t Care to Care

If you fall under this category, it might be time for you to switch companies or positions. When you stop caring that your performance is sloppy, and you don’t even care that it is, it’s time for a reboot. If you have fallen out of love with what you do and you have to go to “work” every day, get out of there. If you don’t care, your employees sure won’t. Either you have to change, or you have to change professions because this job is not for you anymore.