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How to Make Employee Transitions Less Scary

If you’re hiring, you’re probably doing it for one of two reasons: Because you’re expanding or because you have to rehire. Unfortunately, some employees move on, but how can you make that transition smooth? It can cost up to twice that employee’s salary to find someone. Time (and money) is of the essence. To save…

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When You Don’t Feel like Performing well at Work

We all get into ruts sometimes. Whether it be from lack of sleep, motivation, inspiration. It’s important to not ignore the signs your brain is giving to you that something is off. Here’s some stuff you can do to get back on track For When You Don’t Care We’ve all hit that proverbial wall. Sometimes…

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What is so hard about Communication?

You’ve Heard it before: Communication is key. Communication is like the oil in a machine. Without it, the machine will never work, and if it gets mucked up the machine won’t work as well as you want. But why is something that we do every day sometimes so difficult? Well, here are some reasons why…

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I Hate Team Bonding

As someone who has done team bonding and hated team bonding, it’s easy to think of a couple reasons why people don’t like it. Here’s Why: It’s Mandatory: Anything that becomes mandatory, automatically becomes less attractive. No one wants to do anything because they have to, but if it’s a choice, people don’t seem to…

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