Communication Cultivates Connectivity

There’s no denying that communication is important in life. It’s how the world functions from day to day. But as business owners, the need for thorough communication doesn’t stop within your organization. You have to also be considering the connections you’re establishing with those still on the outside that are seeking a way in. The last thing you want as an employer is a negative brand, but unresponsiveness with potential candidates is exactly what that yields. So how can employers keep outside connections strong?

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The 5 Day Rule

Candidates are desperately craving acknowledgement from employers, and in a world where people can apply to hundreds of jobs a day, it’s safe to assume that somebody else is giving it to them. In a recent nationwide survey of workers and hiring managers, it was found that 84% of candidates expect a response after simply applying to a position. On the flip side, only 26% of hiring managers reported that they attempted to keep candidates engaged throughout the hiring process. If a candidate has gone through a screening or interview with your company, it is crucial to let no more than 5 business days pass before some form of communication is made.

Outlining Expectations

Staying engaged with candidates from start to finish is a great first step in establishing connectivity, but it isn’t necessarily enough. In a study conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, it was found that 68% of candidates consider a company’s hiring process when deciding to accept or reject their offer. Therefore, you have to not only stay in touch with candidates but communicate to them what the interviewing and hiring processes look like each step of the way. And as hard as it can be to release candidates from the process, your brand will be more well respected if you do so in a timely manner. 



Ask For Help

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Running a business comes with enough hurdles – don’t create additional challenges for yourself by ignoring the importance of communication and establishing true connections. Take care of your candidates > take care of your brand.