Bridging the gap Between Employees and Employers

The hiring landscape has changed drastically over the last 15 months. From expanding, to furloughing, to hiring virtual, to re-entry. Despite the claims that we are “getting back to normal,” the trends are showing quite the opposite. So what’s causing the great divide. Simple: Communication. We have the fortunate opportunity to bridge the gap between…

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Being Inclusive as a Small Business

To show different people from different backgrounds all getting a seat at the table

Diversity is a hot topic these days in business. But it’s not enough to be diverse, we must be inclusive. Everyone needs a seat at the table, and it starts with small business. Understanding Privilege Not everyone has the same starting line in life. Whether it’s being of the color of their skin, gender, orientation,…

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When the Growing gets Tough

company growth

Periods of growth are often thought of as a positive change for a company. However, growth can cause some internal issues within a small company. Adding one person to a group of 500 may not make as much of a difference as adding one to a 20-person company. Here’s how to make sure growth periods…

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Hot Hot Handbook Tips!

I’m sure if you look around your office, you’ll see a big binder with all of your policies and procedures. Handbooks are key to running a successful business, but is your handbook up to par? Ask yourself these questions to see if your handbook could use a facelift and why it’s important to keep it…

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