Bridging the gap Between Employees and Employers

The hiring landscape has changed drastically over the last 15 months. From expanding, to furloughing, to hiring virtual, to re-entry. Despite the claims that we are “getting back to normal,” the trends are showing quite the opposite.

So what’s causing the great divide. Simple: Communication. We have the fortunate opportunity to bridge the gap between employers and employees. Employees are looking for different things from their employers than they were two years ago. It’s time for businesses to follow suit.

Candidates are looking for: Flexibility, fair wages, community engagement, and education. Good dental coverage isn’t going to cut it for people these days. If you want to get candidates to apply to your job, you have to make that adjustment.

How does a small business afford a total hiring overhaul?

First, hire an HR team dedicated to a remodel. Assigning team members who already have full time work to figure out how to recruit people isn’t going to work. Take this time of transition to bunker down and figure out what your business is going to look like over the next 3 years. It may be different that you pictured originally, but making all of these decisions up front before implementing them will provide company wide clarity on new procedures and benefit structures.

Second, be open to change. Candidates are not going to bend for a job that cannot provide for their needs. Whether its through having flex scheduling to allow for doctor’s appointments or childcare stipends, candidates have more needs than a yearly eye exam. Unique benefits that can decrease stress for an employee are more valued than typical offerings. Being open to changing this part of your business model is integral for growth moving forward.

It all boils down to wanting to make the positive change for your employees and then putting in the work. Your employees deserve beneficial benefits and you deserve dedicated employees.

Unique Benefits to Consider:

  • On site childcare
  • Referral bonuses
  • 4 day work week
  • Virtual work opportunities
  • Volunteering days
  • Mental health support
  • Student loan reimbursement
  • Training opportunities
  • Unlimited time off
  • Acknowledgement of achievements