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Why You ALWAYS Need a Recruiter

Did you ask yourself “why do I need a recruiter?” when you read the headline? You’re doing just fine without one? Or maybe it’s just not the right time for one? Fortunately, now is always the time to hire a recruiter because we are a lot more versatile than you think. Large vs Small Talent…

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Listen up: Hiring Tidbits from Professionals

  Transcript: So, let’s look at some of the statistics around finding, hiring, and keeping employees. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics tells us that across the nation we have a 4% unemployment rate. Here in Oakland County we are at a 3.2% unemployment rate, which basically tells you that we are gainfully employed. People…

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Recruiting FAQs

Your friendly neighborhood recruiter is here is here to answer your questions about recruiting Why can’t I just do it? Well, you can. But ask yourself, do you really have the time and the resources to do your own job plus hire a solid candidate? There’s a reason that there are positions dedicated solely to…

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