7 Recruiting Faux-Pas

Copyright : Volodymyr Nikulin

We all know that one guy who thinks hiring is easy. All you need to do is put up a posting on ZipRecruiter or Indeed and voila! Instant hire. Well, newsflash, that may not be the only thing that guy is doing wrong during the hiring process. Here are some hiring faux-pas that we should all be aware of.

Piecemealed processes

The hiring process should be started, executed, and finished by a hiring professional. If you are not the hiring professional, be involved in the process, but don’t be a hindrance to the process. Don’t start and stop and change directions and take over, it just costs you more time and money than you had to dedicate to hiring.

Do-It yourself

If you are a small business owner, you already have a job, right? Do not take on another one. Find a professional you trust. Many small businesses don’t have an HR or recruiting team, so it’s important to not bog down your current employees who were not hired to be recruiters with the extra job of recruiting.

Skills over fit

We’ve said it before, but you can teach a person skills, but you can’t teach a person to fit well into the company. There are many qualified people out there, but only a few who align with your company values, who fit with the team, and will be a positive addition to your vision. What’s the use of hiring someone who knows their stuff but does not know how to communicate with their coworkers?

Hiring for the wrong position

If you are hiring an engineer, they should not be checking the mail, doing payroll, or managing the front desk, Hire for the position you really need. Uncovering your hiring needs are critical for hiring who you need. Hiring the wrong person for the wrong job doesn’t help you and doesn’t help the person you hired.

Post and go

Hiring is more than just posting a job and letting the people come to you. You have to be active in the process. Tweaking what you are looking for and actively uncovering your hiring needs as you go. Not to mention that a good employee is more than just their resume.

Not preparing

After you’ve hired someone, the hiring process doesn’t end. Now you have to focus on onboarding. You can prepare by setting up a thorough onboarding process, getting their office ready, and have a procedure ready for them. Don’t waste their first few crucial days with unnecessary paperwork. Training is done the best when it’s done at work.


The labor market is shrinking, so hiring is taking longer than it has in the last few years. It can now take up to 12 weeks depending on the job. It is not the time to be cutting corners. If you take the first 3 people who send you their resumes, you might be missing out on some rockstar candidates. Let the process flow naturally. There are hiring waves, ride them.

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