Why You ALWAYS Need a Recruiter

Did you ask yourself “why do I need a recruiter?” when you read the headline? You’re doing just fine without one? Or maybe it’s just not the right time for one?

Fortunately, now is always the time to hire a recruiter because we are a lot more versatile than you think.

Large vs Small Talent Pool

Right now, we are living in a world where candidates get to decide which job they are taking. A part of the recruiting process is making your job stand out from the others. Due to the oversaturation, some candidates might show an initial interest in the job and then ghost. Recruiters can take the time reaching out to candidates a passive approach may lose.

If the tables turn, and there are more candidates than jobs, you might be looking to downsize or move employees up to make room for new ones. It’s the time for your company to grow, and recruiters can stage internal interviews or set up exit interviews for you. Keeping a retained recruiter for such times can save you time during transitional periods

Process vs No Process

Hiring cannot be done without a process. If you have one in place that works for you, you’ve already ahead of the game. Recruiters can be used as a tool to follow through the process. It’s our job to follow the process routinely and not cut corners, which can be hard for you if you already have a job and just act as a recruiter sometimes.

If there is a slight semblance of a process or maybe it’s a bit piecemealed together, recruiters can help put one in place. It’s our job to make sure the process is streamlined and effective. Allowing a recruiting company to handle the front end of the hiring process opens up your day to run your company.

Need vs Want

The best thing about small companies is that there is a lot of room for growth. If your company is growing faster than you can hire, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. You have timelines and deadlines and maybe even assembly lines that need to be met. Hiring out of panic or necessity can be tricky because it can skew how you view candidates. Recruiters can be a neutral third party who can carry out the hiring process.

Sometimes your company is where you need it to be, but you might want to hire in preparation for growth in the future. Having a recruiter can help you assess the timing, cost, pros, and cons for making this kind of a hire. Recruiters can also determine the real holes in your team to make sure the person you want matches the person you need.