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Why You ALWAYS Need a Recruiter

Did you ask yourself “why do I need a recruiter?” when you read the headline? You’re doing just fine without one? Or maybe it’s just not the right time for one? Fortunately, now is always the time to hire a recruiter because we are a lot more versatile than you think. Large vs Small Talent…

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Top 5 Recruiting Buzzwords you NEED to know

A quick search about buzzwords will lead you to pages of Google results telling you which words are in, which words are out, and which words we should have never started using in the first place. Buzzwords are in their own right part of the business jargon, and that’s why its important to be able…

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Ah! The talent pool is shrinking!

Battling talent pool shrinkage If recruiters could tell you one thing, it would be that hiring is in a time of change, and you need to adjust. Like we’ve said before, the talent pool is shrinking every day. Approximately 72.8% of employers are struggling to find candidates with relevant experience or skills. That number is…

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Hiring Trends you NEED to Know

DID YOU KNOW: The talent pool is shrinking. Why? Confidence in the growing economy has led to major hiring spikes. Now those qualified and happy employees are off the market. This is especially true for the skilled trades. Over the past several years, employers have been taking advantage of the economic boom by expanding their…

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