Employers vs. Employees: Managing the Divide

I don’t think it’s news to anyone that we currently live in a society that seems to be extremely divided. Well – that definitely transfers into the workplace. As recruiters, we’re currently seeing a divide between employers and candidates. And much like everything else in life, the answer lies somewhere in the middle. 

So, what are some steps employers can take to find some middle ground?

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Forget Old School Thinking

With the majority of CEOs being Baby Boomers or Gen Xers, but the majority of middle and entry level employment being Millennials and Gen Zers, there’s no question why we’re seeing a divide. For those at the top who have been operating the exact same way, day to day, for a decade or greater, it’s more comfortable to keep things how they are. Cue the digging in of heels. But companies would be remiss to ignore the changes that are occurring. 

One area that companies can try to lessen the divide and welcome some fresh thinking is management tactics. Promoting cooperation between different generations of your employees can reap huge benefits and create invaluable connections. Assigning group connectivity projects or mentoring opportunities are great examples of this promotion. Younger employees can gain knowledge from the vast experience older employees have to offer, and older employees can gain insight from the modern ideas younger employees are bringing to the table. 

Stop Dragging Your Feet 

One of the biggest trends we’ve been seeing as recruiters is employers missing out on candidates by dragging their feet in the hiring process. Of course a company has a lot going on, that’s part of what being a good company is! But if you want the top talent, you can’t sleep on your hiring processes. 

Ghosting is a great example of why an efficient hiring process is so important. With the technology and resources available to job seekers these days, candidates can apply to 100 jobs in less than an hour. To put it simply, no candidate nowadays has all their eggs in one basket. They’re constantly looking elsewhere, for the next best and surest thing. Therefore, if a different company’s offer comes quicker than yours, odds are you’re out of luck. That candidate can easily fall off the map, and they don’t have to give you any explanation or forewarning. They just… disappear. You’ve been ghosted, and your company is left with an unfilled position and a discouraged HR team.

Ask For Help

If this all seems overwhelming to you, recruitment services can definitely be an aide in bridging the gap, as we are dedicated to keeping up on these latest hiring trends and finding ways to keep candidates engaged as possible throughout the hiring process. And as a bonus to our reader’s going forward, every blog posted by SRS will be accompanied by a Quick Tip video. SRS Quick Tips – Employers vs. Employees


Practice being open-minded. Stretch your flexibility. Be willing to go outside of your comfort zone to adapt and grow with the workforce of our future.