Investing in Your Future

As businesses face the uncertainties of 2024, it’s more important than ever to strategically plan for the future. A key aspect of this planning involves focusing on your sales and marketing efforts. Contrary to the instinct to cut back on these areas during uncertain times, these are precisely where your investments should be concentrated. To stay connected and propel your business forward, consider these essential tips for enhancing your sales strategy.

Understanding Sales Roles: Hunters vs. Farmers

Sales professionals generally fall into two categories: hunters and farmers. Recognizing the difference between these roles is crucial for effective team building and strategy development.

Hunters: These individuals are adept at prospecting, generating new leads, and closing deals. They thrive in dynamic environments and are key players in expanding your client base.
Farmers: These individuals are usually preoccupied with existing accounts. They are often times more risk-averse and keep their focus on avoiding loss rather than achieving new goals.

Understanding these distinct roles enables you to tailor your hiring process and team structure to meet your needs.

Hiring the Right Talent

Identifying and hiring true hunters can be challenging, as they represent a smaller portion of the sales profession. Over 80% of sales professionals lean towards the farmer category. However, there are effective tools and methodologies available to discern the natural inclinations of potential hires.

These tools go beyond mere personality assessments, delving into the core ‘hardwiring’ of individuals. This insight is invaluable in making informed hiring decisions, ensuring you bring on board those who are naturally aligned with your required roles.


Ask For Help

At SRS, we specialize in assessing these skills and can provide expert guidance in your hiring process. Additionally, we can make recommendations for organizations that we feel strongly understand the difference between personality evaluations and hardwiring evaluations. Connecting with us means a network of referral sources will be at your disposal, and we’re eager to share these resources to enhance your hiring strategy. Wise investments today make for a prosperous and secure tomorrow.