How to Make Employee Transitions Less Scary

If you’re hiring, you’re probably doing it for one of two reasons: Because you’re expanding or because you have to rehire. Unfortunately, some employees move on, but how can you make that transition smooth? It can cost up to twice that employee’s salary to find someone. Time (and money) is of the essence.

To save time

When a notice is given, do not wait until their two weeks are up. There are plenty of things you can do in that time frame to prepare yourself and your company for the upcoming switch.

Contact a recruiter right away. This way the recruiter can help conduct an exit interview, get a feel of the position from the employee, change up the job description, and post it before the employee has even left.

You should be present during an exit interview to see if there is any improvement that can be made. For example: If the job description matches the job duties or if additional training needs to be added.

With a notice, the employee may be willing to train to replacement if it fits into their new schedule. See if they would be willing to work with the recruiter to make sure that the new employee is not thrown to the dogs on day one.

To save money

Have a trusted recruiter in your rolodex. The worst time to have to look for a recruiter is after you already need one. Searching for the right fit for your company will end up costing more in the long run if you are not prepared.

It’s important to know the difference between staffing, head hunters, and recruiters. Pick the one who fits your company’s mold the best. This ensures that when the time comes, they are briefed on the situation promptly, which will save you some cash.

Compensate your employees appropriately. Whether you have great training, upward mobility, benefits, or competitive wages, it could save you from losing the employee in the first place. Just because you are saving money by not paying top dollar, doesn’t mean you’ll save any if you have to replace that employee every year.

To save your company

Keep a recruiter on retainer. They can do all the legwork when it comes to finding, hiring, and keeping your employees. Having a trusted outside source can be just what you need in times when you can’t do everything by yourself.

Recruiters can keep you updated on hiring trends, compensation, and HR changes. We can assist in writing handbooks, setting up training, and lessening employee turnover.