Recruiting or Staffing: What’s the diff?

It might be fair to say that as humans, we don’t know everything. As a recruiting company, we often come across people who want to know what recruiting even is. Are we headhunters? Are we the same thing as staffers? Well, here is a comprehensive analysis of what in the world a recruiting agency even is.


Before we get into recruiting, we have to understand what staffing companies are and are not (a recruiting agency). Staffing companies are often used to fill short-term needs of a company. This can include contracted or project-based positions. These companies can help fill a high volume of roles quickly. This type of hiring company uses a database of resumes to find employees. The people being hired through staffing companies are paid through the company itself. The company the employee is working for pays the staffing company, so the employee is actually an employee for the staffing company. Employers have the option to hire the employee, but often only turn to staffing to fill a temporary role. Staffing agencies work with HR professionals from the hiring company to help them fulfil hiring goals.


On the other hand, recruiting companies are used to fill long-term positions specifically. Often, the process of full-scale recruiting takes longer than staffing. The list for long-term needs is generally longer than a short-term fill-in. Recruiters tend to do individual job searches instead of relying on a candidate base to get traffic with the most relevant talents. Companies like SRS are used as an extension of the company. We work with C-suite executives to find the goals and future visions of the company, which makes it easier to find the right talent to help them achieve their goals.

Think about who you need, what you need, where you need the help, when you need them, and how many you need. Answering the 5 W’s and 1 H, should lead you to the right agency or consultant. You need to find the right company to work with on the first try. This is especially important for small business owners. If you are looking to hire, SRS has a free consultation service. Contact us to set up a chat to see what you need and if we can help you.