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What Types of Recruiters are There?

How do you know what type of recruiter you need? Every recruiter follows their own model and it’s important as a small business owner that you work with one that fits your needs. Outsourced Recruiter Outsourced recruiters are good for small businesses because they can be used on an “as needed” basis. A growing company…

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How to Make Employee Transitions Less Scary

If you’re hiring, you’re probably doing it for one of two reasons: Because you’re expanding or because you have to rehire. Unfortunately, some employees move on, but how can you make that transition smooth? It can cost up to twice that employee’s salary to find someone. Time (and money) is of the essence. To save…

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5 Things you should do BEFORE going to a Recruiter

For every question a recruiter answers, we ask two more. It’s our job to get things right on the front end before we start our search. Uncovering needs and deal-breakers can take a lot of time during the hiring process, so here are some tips on how to prepare yourself and your team before you…

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Recruiting or Staffing: What’s the diff?

It might be fair to say that as humans, we don’t know everything. As a recruiting company, we often come across people who want to know what recruiting even is. Are we headhunters? Are we the same thing as staffers? Well, here is a comprehensive analysis of what in the world a recruiting agency even…

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