What Types of Recruiters are There?

How do you know what type of recruiter you need? Every recruiter follows their own model and it’s important as a small business owner that you work with one that fits your needs.

Outsourced Recruiter

Outsourced recruiters are good for small businesses because they can be used on an “as needed” basis. A growing company might not have the budget or need to bring on a full time, salaried recruiter. Outsourced recruiters will act as a part of your team during the search period. Outsourced recruiters can handle as little or as much of the recruiting process as designated by their client.

In House Recruiter

A large enough company experiencing rapid or continuous growth will need someone in house. An in-house recruiter will be able to handle a high volume of interviews because they are on site. An on-site employee can do large tours, introduce candidates to employees, and streamline the communication process.

Contingent Recruiter

These recruiters don’t get paid until an employee is placed. They will work closely with their client to get to the wants and needs in order to make a quick hire. Contingent recruiters are a type of outsourced recruiter and a viable option for a company who cannot afford to invest in hiring an in-house recruiter.


Headhunters work with staffing agencies and do broad sweeps to build a catalogue of potential candidates. They have a database ready when they are hired and can sift through qualified candidates for either a short or long-term position.

Outplacement Recruiter

When downsizing a company, an outplacement recruiter is recommended to assist employees in their job search. Outplacement recruiters are brought on to serve employees not the employer. This will help decrease employee dissatisfaction and unrest. Even if the company is downsizing due to money, hiring someone to place disgruntled employees will help brand perception.


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