How to Improve Employee Engagement

Keeping employees engaged today is one of the hardest tasks you as an employer will face. Employees are feeling less connected to organizations than ever before. In 2018, only 15% of employees across the globe said they were engaged at work.

It’s important to understand the severity of that 15%. Low engagement rates lead to: High turnover and low productivity. A low engaged team leads to a 21% lower profit than a team highly engaged.

So how do you fight the low engagement rates? Here’s how:


As the saying goes, “If you build it, they will come.” The same is true with employees. If you spend the time building your employees up, your employees will take care of your company because they have the tools to succeed.


If an employee feels like they are contributing to the company and are being recognized for their successes, they will be more engaged. 72% of employees say that recognition has the biggest impact on their engagement.


The more honest you are with your employees, the more trust and overall happiness they will have within the company. Employees who are left in the dark, who go by hear-say will wonder about the goings-on behind the scenes and have less faith in the company overall.


As important as it is for you to communicate with your employees, it’s important for you to listen as well. Employees are humans and things happen. Listening and understanding to what’s going on in their lives will help you serve your employees’ needs. If their needs are met, they will be more likely to fulfil yours.


Employees who feel like they are helping the community or serving others will help them find purpose at the workplace. Sometimes, it’s hard for an employee to make time for volunteering; giving them the opportunity to give back will ensure they are fulfilling more than their bank accounts.