Do People REALLY not Want to Work?

.Why is Hiring so Hard Now?

We’ve been hearing about how employers spend more time being ghosted than interviewing these days. Is it true that “no one wants to work”?

Good news: It’s not!

But why is no one applying to your job? Here are a couple reasons:

Bad reviews on Glassdoor, Indeed, or LinkedIn

Check these websites. Your current and past employees could be writing reviews on their experiences in your company. If there’s bad company culture, high turnover, or bad management, it’s been talked about. Look for repeated feedback to see the things in your company that has caused the most strife for your employees.

High turnover

If you’re constantly hiring, candidates will notice and wonder why. It may send the signal that there are bigger internal issues that might be too much for a new employee to handle.

Unfair compensation

Inflation is rising faster than wages, and what you were paying a year ago might not even cover living expenses today. If the pay hasn’t changed or isn’t competitive, candidates might not even blink in your direction.

Unclear communication

Is there a breakdown in communication somewhere? Are you potentially leaving candidates confused with a lack of communication? The whole interview process can only succeed with clear and constant communication. Otherwise the candidates might be unclear they are even being considered for your position.

Old job descriptions

Jobs morph over time. Job descriptions need to reflect that. To include new technologies and expectations. They need to be accurate or else the candidate might be confused. The job in the interview needs to be the same job they applied for.

What can you do?

Start conducting stay interviews

Find out from your current employees why they stay and what would make them stay longer. One of the biggest parts of hiring is actually keeping current employees. Getting feedback from people who are immersed in the daily grind of your business can offer really great and unique insights into how things are actually going.

Be competitive

With benefits and compensation. It’s not that no one wants to work, it might be that they can’t. Childcare, gas, attire, illness can all add up. People need to feel like they are being taken care of in their jobs. Creating a benefits structure that’s competitive will attract the employees you need. Make it mutually beneficial.

Hire an HR person

Hiring is a full time job. There is no person on your team who has the time to do their job and do the hiring. That’s how things slip through the cracks. Hire right the first time and you won’t have to do it a second.


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