No, You Can’t Skip Training

Training is critical for any job, any company, and employee. This includes all small businesses.   Training Today gives some examples of when to train. Training is the building block to knowledge. You would not sign up for a triathlon if you had not learned how to ride a bike yet. No employer should expect any employee to do a job without proper training.

Large companies can afford training programs and periods. Sometimes training is not in the budget for smaller companies. However, that does not mean that training is less important. Studies have shown time and time again that there is no such thing as common sense. Employers cannot just expect employees to be fluent in their work because “everyone” knows how to do it.

You may not realize the amount of time and resources are spent on a single employee. But if proper training can reduce turnover, mistakes, and tensions, why not invest in it? If training is done correctly from day one, the employee will feel taken care of and the employer will feel safe giving them responsibilities.

Money drives much of what people do, but sometimes can drive what we don’t do. Don’t sacrifice training for profit. This is where companies like SRS can help by providing training, proper job descriptions, and a multitude of other HR benefits. The more you take care of your employees, the more your employees will take care of your company.

Tips for the small business owner

Welcomemat has compiled a list for small business owners who are training. Here are the five tips:

  1. Prepare training topics prior to training sessions.
  2. Have your employees shadow each other.
  3. Ask questions. A LOT.
  4. Role play as a customer.
  5. Show them how to treat the customers.