How to Make your Company Feel Like Home on the First Day

-Before your new employee arrives, set up an area for them

This could include anything from just offering office supplies to an entire office. Whatever was promised to the employee, make sure they have it. Do not let a new employee walk into the office on the first day already breaking promises.

-Make sure that the existing employees know that the new employee is coming

When a person walks into new territory, it would help them feel welcome if the people there are expecting them. Like that old song from Cheers: “Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came,” a new person will feel more accepted if the current employees have been told that someone is coming and what their name is, so tell them.

-Give them a company buddy for the first few weeks

If you introduce them to a trusted employee who can help train and answer questions throughout the day, the new employee will feel like they have already started making connections to their coworkers. This could also give them a person they can go to for help without going to the supervisor every time, which can seem daunting at first.

-After they have had time to adjust, ask them for feedback

It would do no good to ask an employee on the first day, generally they will not feel confident enough to be honest if something is wrong. Also a week or so, they have had time to acclimate and go through some training. This is good for both the employer and employee. It gives you the opportunity to get critical feedback for the next time you are onboarding. This also makes the new employee feel like you care about their opinions and feelings.

-To go above and beyond, set up a special meeting for the new employee

If you have an extra 15 minutes, call your employees to the breakroom for some treats to celebrate the new member. Maybe let them introduce themselves and have the other employees to so too. If you don’t have the time to do an in-person party, maybe ask to feature them on your website welcoming them to the team and just offer cake in the breakroom for people to come grab.