How do you Actually Hire Someone?

Finding candidates is more than just posting a job online and waiting for someone to come to you. If you want the right person, sometimes you have to put in some extra leg work.

If can’t be stressed enough that it’s a job seeker’s market today. There are more job openings than there are people to fill them. So how do you find the unicorns who are still out there?


If the right candidates aren’t looking for you, sometimes you need to look for them. Using job boards as your personal resume database might be a good option. Small businesses might not stand out in a sea of giant companies looking to hire. Use sources from universities, trade schools, and job boards to search through candidates who might fit your needs but may have not come across your job posting.


It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know. Use your network to your advantage. Whether it’s an online audience or people you’ve have in your rolodex for years. You could be six degrees of separation away from finding your Rockstar.


If you have been looking into ways on how to invest in your community, look to hire there. You can give back and fill your positions in one go. Post on local bulletins or ask your local government about how you can help fill a need of the community.


Maybe you’re not hiring today, but you are trying to make sure that you are never short staffed. Start training or internship programs through your company. You’ll give people real life experience and a head start in their careers, and you could end up with some loyal candidates who you can hire down the road.


Look into state agencies or outplacement organizations. Even though there aren’t many people looking for jobs, the people who are looking change daily. The person you were looking for yesterday might have entered the market today, so it’s important to have a relationship with these organizations.


Hiring is more than a post and go system. It’s intricate, it’s complicated, and it’s time consuming. Don’t do your hiring alone. Hire a professional who can do all the legwork for you because you’re first job is to run a business, and that’s more than enough.

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