The Internet Saves Recruiting

Now that we have your attention, let’s talk about the dangers of depending on the internet and technology to do your hiring for you and how to find that healthy mix.


You can set up your wants, needs, and requirements for your perfect candidate, but technology cannot determine personality. You can get a sense of a person professionally through their resume. People can look like rock stars on paper and be an Elvis impersonator in person. A good mix would be to utilize job boards to cast a wide net, but to be open to people who might not tick off all boxes at first look. An in-person interview can change your mind about almost any candidate.

Company Culture

People cannot get a feeling of what your office is really like if they interview over the phone or over Skype, but they can take virtual tours. Make sure your website is updated with pictures of the office, employees, company outings, and anything else that makes your company what it is. You can use technology to your advantage here, but it’s important for both you and the candidate to feel the company culture for themselves.

Setting up for Success

Using technology for research is becoming an integral part of job searches. Candidates can use it to find companies that line up with their visions. You can use it to find out if you’re offering benefits that are in line with your competitors. However, there are questions the internet cannot answer for you, so adding the human element into the hiring process allows both parties to ask thorough and thoughtful questions.


It’s important to check your Google and Glassdoor ratings, but your job should not stop there. If you’ve noticed negative reviews, it’s important to have people on deck to not just acknowledge that experience, but to choose how to change it. Whether it’s a first interview or an exit interview, get feedback. What do THEY need to be successful in the position? That’s good stuff you can’t get online.


The internet makes everything faster and easier, but it doesn’t make the process perfect. Utilize it as a tool, but realize that a single tool cannot fix every problem.

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