Competitive Hiring Tips

Following trends in fashion can be dangerous, but it’s very important in recruiting. The trends we are talking about are benefits, dress code, technology, and market drivers.

Here are some trends you need to know before you look into hiring, especially Gen Y and Gen Z candidates


Typical dental packages just don’t cut it anymore. If you are looking for long term hiring solutions, get competitive. Pay should be AT LEAST the average pay of the industry. Candidates want training opportunities, upward mobility motivation, and flexible scheduling.

Younger generations are looking to make a difference. Volunteering incentives and a powerful mission that they can actually assist in achieving are important for Gen Y and Z.

Dress Code

Speaking of competitive, having a loose dress code has become a legitimate selling point. Candidates are looking to feel comfortable at work. While no one is suggesting sweatpants, casual dress codes are becoming more popular, especially in creative and behind-the-scenes positions. Having a less rigid dress code also allows younger generations to be able to afford work clothes without going bankrupt.


Hiring has become a game of who can find the dirt on who first. Technology has allowed employers and employees to find each other easier. Which means that if your company has low ratings on Glassdoor or the pay doesn’t match up on Payscale or negative reviews pop up along with your company name, you might be the one missing the interview. Keep up with technology and use it to learn what your candidates want and need from you.

Market Drivers

It’s not an employer’s world right now. Employment is at an all time low, which means that candidates are making the decisions. You might be noticing an increase in ghosting. It’s important to keep track of how many times candidates don’t show. Check all of the above trends and see if you’re on the mark. If you are falling behind, candidates will continue to look for jobs until they have found one that matches their vision.