Introverts vs Extroverts

There are more than two types of people in the workplace, but if we are going to overgeneralize: Let’s focus on the introverts vs the extroverts. Sometimes it’s hard to communicate with people who don’t communicate the same way. We all have social meters. Introverts like their meters to stay low and tend to get more stressed the higher they go. On the other hand, extroverts love filling up their social meters and thrive with communication. Here are a few ideas on how to talk to each other at work.

Introvert Ideas:

-Keep communications short, sometimes it is exhausting to an introvert to talk for long periods of time.

-Try to utilize email communications. It helps keep the social meter down for the day.

-After you talk to an introvert, give them time to think and reflect on the conversation before you ask for an answer.

-Skip the small talk or rambling conversations. Some introverts like keeping business, business and it is exhausting to have small conversations all day.

-Be aware that introverts communicate differently. Sometimes understanding can help lead to a conversation—yes a conversation about what an introvert needs.


Extrovert Ideas:

-Let an extrovert talk. Sometimes it’s what they need to help come up with ideas that will be valuable to the team later.

-Try to actively listen. Using non-verbal communication and verbal communication can show an extravert that you are engaged.

-Be honest when you are communicating. Extroverts love to chat, and if you don’t, the only way they will understand is if you COMMUNICATE.

-Try to get excited about their ideas. Extroverts are sharers, so if they are on the trail of a great idea, tell them, so they don’t lose steam. Some extraverts look for outward expressions.

-Understand that extroverts need a little extra communication. Their social meter is different from an introvert’s. the higher the social meter for them, the happier they tend to be.


Communication is hard, especially when you are trying to talk to someone you don’t quite understand. That’s why it’s so important to get to know how to talk to who you are working with to ensure effective communication.