Branding and Hiring

If you asked a stranger about what they thought about your brand, what do you think they would say? Are they aware of your company? Do they see your vision?

Branding is a huge part of how the community and competitors see your business. It is also imperative for attracting candidates. If your small business is not as well known as maybe your competitor down the street, it is harder to convince people to choose you over a big company.

People who hear the same information often, tend to believe it. Even if the information is false. If candidates see more posts from your competitor or hear about them more in the community, the company automatically becomes more trustworthy.

If you want to attract candidates with similar skill-sets, this is where branding comes into play.

Branding Tips:

-Ask your office about the mission statement without looking at it. See what they think the company is founded on. Does it match with your mission statement? What are the similarities between everyone’s answers? Are you happy with how they see your company?

-Check anywhere your name appears. This includes signs, any printed resources, social media, email signatures, clothing, business cards. Do they match? Do they tell the same story? Are the colors right? Is the sizing appropriate? Is it uniform?

-Audit your company culture. How does your office space differ from your competitors’? What do your scores on Glassdoor look like? How do people feel when they walk into your office, customer and employee alike?

-After you’ve checked all of the boxes, go to the job boards and check out the posting. Does it reflect your company? Does it give a clear picture about what kind of person would fit best in the role? Could a stranger identify your brand from the posting?

The Bottom Line:

If your brand isn’t attracting the candidates you are looking for, it’s time for an upgrade.

Use your small team to invest in the future of your team. Ask them for feedback and ideas on how to improve brand image. Educate your team on what branding is and how it can affect the company. Your current members can help spread the word about open positions and share their brand experiences.