SRS’s Why and Why You Should Find Yours

Over the last few months, the SRS team has been drafting our whats, whys and hows. What’s our niche? Why do we do what we do? How do we accomplish our goals?

It’s been an inherent thought, but never explicitly stated. It was time for a clear direction. So we brainstormed and came up with what is essentially our mission as a small business.

We simplify recruiting by building meaningful relationships, so that people and positions are fulfilled.

What do we do? We simplify recruiting. We create thorough processes and see our hiring processes through.

How do we do that? By building meaningful relationships. Between business owners and their teams.

Why do we do it? So that people and positions are fulfilled. We want your business and your employees to succeed.


Creating a statement that encompasses who we are, what we do, how and why is a great organizational tool. Not only for you, but for your customers, and get this, your employees.

If you’re a new or very small business, making a statement like this might not be on your radar. But if you are looking to bring on some more employees, it can be a great tool you can use during the interview process.


  • Clear up any confusion a candidate might have about what the company does.
  • Gives a candidate a concise descriptor to use.
  • Gives you an in to explain your company culture.
  • Sums up the goal of your business.
  • Can be used as a marketing tool to get your business out there to attract more candidates.
  • Creates a sense of unity with your current team.
  • Offers a goal standard for candidates.
  • Creates an opening for thoughtful questions about your company.
  • Solidifies the niche of the company.
  • Easy tool to gauge a candidate’s fit

Creating an easy device to clarify what drives your company is a great first step in attracting the candidates who share similar goals.