4 Reasons why you are being Ghosted by Candidates and how to Fix it

How many times do you invite a candidate only to get ghosted? It’s happening more and more often. But why?

Here are 4 reasons why you might be getting ghosted that you can actually do something about.


1: Pay rate

If the pay rate for the open position is under market or below the liveable wage for the city, candidates have made that position least important. Odds are, they have applied to multiple jobs, and if your company’s position ranks low on pay, they might have passed it up for another offer. Check against competitors or use services like PayScales to see where your set salary lies in comparison to other businesses like yours.


2: Better Offer

Sometimes, candidates get other offers before you even get to see them for an interview. It could be more than a better salary. People looking for jobs are often seeking: Benefits, company culture, upward mobility, training opportunities, commute. Your company can’t fix it’s location, but it can fix everything else on that list. Reach out to every candidate after missing the interview, if they tell you they were offered a better position, ask for what they were looking for. It may provide clarity on things the people your business attracts wants from a job.

3: Low Employee Ratings

Sites like Glassdoor and Indeed have rating systems for employees. If candidates go to your company page and see a low rating, they might be turned away. Especially if there are many complaints that mirror each other. How do you fix low ratings? The change starts from within. Take the complaints your company has received and see what you can do to fix those. Roll out a new handbook, get your engagement up, brighten up your company culture. This can take time, but you can release your initiatives to the public thru social media to share your progress.


4: Life Happens

Your candidate might already be working and get called in for the time of your interview. They could have had childcare issues. Maybe they got sick. Not every candidate ghosts because they found something better. As a company, it’s important to show grace if something extraneous happens. What you need to watch out for are patterns. If a candidate no call no shows more than once for an interview, that’s when you need to re-evaluate. The bottom line is you can’t stop people from not showing up to an interview, but you can show compassion if there was a miscommunication.